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HireAthena was founded by startup veterans, and backed by Google and Sherpa Ventures because we aren't your normal back office solution. We think it's nutty that cash-strapped startups pay SF or NY prices for their back office work; when talented, and experienced accounting and HR professionals are all over the U.S. Using a proprietary technology platform, we connect startups who are tight on time and cash with a full-stack back office solution using the best and brightest professionals regardless of where they are located.

We’re looking for exceptional individuals with accounting, HR, or professional services backgrounds who will thrive in our “virtual team” of startups, non-profits, and small businesses across the U.S.  We offer a competitive salary and a 401(k) for all full-time employees.  Our employees have the flexibility to work from home. They also enjoy a balance of fulfilling personal lives and professional growth.

There are no open positions at this time.